Welcome to Referee Records – the THUNDER MADE IN RAIN experience – where we make timeless Music and entertainment beyond boundaries.

Our mission Is to elevate souls with our musical genres which we emerged through creating and providing quality opportunities and experiences for everyone through our active music-entertainment.

Referee Records strives for greater height while impacting lives with our creativity and our unique musical content. Our aim is to discover our direct and indirect market based fanbase. Our company is a record label that handle variety of music genres inclusive Pop, Rhythm & Blues, Alternative Rock, Jazz, Gospel, Urban and New Adult Contemporary and our aspiration is to penetrate the music marketplace and fanbase.

We are a record label that focuses on song writing, composing of rhythms both in poetry, Hip-Hop, Dance Music, Pop music and in other musical genres.

We are Innovative, Dynamic, Active, Impactful, Relaxing, Ambitious, Cheerful, Delightful, Efficient, Industrious, and Reliable.

Referee Records is led by Okhale Emmanuel, a Nigerian born talented musician and Producer, based in South Africa, whose style of music blends Afrobeat, pop music, R&B, Jazz, Urban and New Adult Contemporary.

He has collaborated with many artists and is scheduled to work with more artists both nationally and internationally. He is set to release his new EP.

At Referee Records, our personality and framework are freedom of Impel, excitement, sincerity, sophistication and elevation.